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Francesco I de 'Medici and Bianca Cappello


Let's move on to the ‘Oltrarno’ area (the opposite side of the Arno river) in the direction of Via Maggio, precisely at number 26, where a palace with a refined facade will capture your attention. This is the palace di Bianca Cappello, a woman of legendary beauty, who was the lover and then the wife of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco 1 de’Medici. When the fire of passion broke out, the two were both married
 (to other people): their relationship became one of the most talked about in all of Florence. The idyllic period, however, was brief, because in 1587, after a dinner at the villa of Poggio a Caiano, the newlyweds were struck by terrible fevers, and both died after 10 long days of agony.

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