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We Love Craft

Visibility of Florentine craftsmanship

‘We love Craft’ is the name of a project that was born within the walls of Canto degli Scali designed to give value to Florentine artisans and the opportunity to put their wares on display. A common area in the entrance hall that leads to the luxury Bed & Breakfast and Apartments in Via delle Terme 6 is the chosen point of passage and of rest where clients will have the chance to admire, learn about, and buy small handcrafts, such as jewelry, wooden objects, and various small accessories which are the fruit of Florentine artisanal creativity. The artisans who have caught our eye and who have accepted our invitation will be able to set up small temporary and ever-changing exhibitions there. Today we are happy to introduce you to some of the creations by Jane Harman, an English restorer, who has put on display her wooden miniatures depicting the Florentine monuments one can see from the view of the city from Forte Belvedere. On the wall are her hand-carved letters we have used to compose the word "Noel". Her creations will be exhibited and on sale at Canto degli Scali until January 31, 2018, and if you want to learn even more about Jane Harman, her workshop is just a few minutes away at Via L.Bartolini 1r

We Love Craft! We believe in craftsmanship, we love our city.

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