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Ippolito and Dianora, the Romeo and Juliet of Santo Spirito


We continue the tour in the great Florentine loves in one of the most characteristic squares of the ‘Oltrarno’, Santo Spirito. This famous Florentine neighborhood was the setting for a love story that has a Shakespearean flavor but one which is accompanied by a happy ending. The scene was located in beautiful Florence, where the two families belonging to enemy factions, that of the Bardi and the Buondemonti, harbored an antique bitterness. The beautiful Dianora de 'Bardi and Ippolito Buontalenti belonged to these two families which were united by a mutual mortal hatred. When the young man, Ippolito, saw Dianora during the San Giovanni celebrations, he fell madly in love with her. As soon as he discovered the identity of the girl, the sickness of love truly caught him and Ippolito became gravely ill, at which point he confessed to his mother that if he could not be married to Dianora, he would chose death. The mother, moved to compassion by her son's request, found a way to have them meet. The two decided to marry in secret, organizing an elopement. It is said, however, that on the fixed evening, while Dianora was awaiting her beloved, looking out on her balcony, something went wrong: Ippolito was discovered and sentenced to death. On the day of the execution, the young man asked to be led to the gallows passing through Via De'Bardi, hoping to see his beloved one last time. As soon as Dianora saw him pass under her window, she rushed down the stairs and begged for her beloved's grace. A large crowd rushed in and the two Houses were summoned: the Lordship imposed itself on the ancient hatred of the two Families, and established the validity of the union. As a result, the two young people ended up living happily ever after, until the end of their days.

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